50% off Premier within 7 Days with Receipt

Bring in original receipt with barcode within 7 days and receive 50% off your next Premier wash. The discount applies to any vehicle but is not valid with any other coupon or program.

Premier Liquid Polish Shine and Protectant

Yellow colored polish that provides excellent paint finish protection and shine. It is designed to promote slow oxidation and preserve the clear coat surface. Non-acidic, non-caustic, phosphate free.

The Shield Wheel Guard with Carnauba Wax

Formulated with Carnauba wax for a glossy finish and lasting protection. The Carnauba wax is considered the ‘gold standard’ of waxes and is derived from Brazilian palm trees. The wheel guard repels brake dust and contaminants and makes cleaning the wheel easier. A regular application provides a polymer sealant to the wheel and protects all wheel styles and improves shine. Non-acidic, non-caustic, phosphate free.

Carnauba Wax

Naturally occurring product that is derived from Brazilian palm leaves. Carnauba wax is considered the ‘gold standard’ of waxes. This special wax protects from UV rays, bugs, berries, and birds, and also serves as an all-surface protectant. Carnauba wax also increases shine.

The Shield Paint Guard with Carnauba Wax

Formulated with Carnauba wax for a glossy finish and lasting protection. The Carnauba wax is considered the ‘gold standard’ of waxes and is derived from Brazilian palm trees. The paint guard creates a polymer barrier that protects paint from UV rays, airborne contaminants, berries, and pollen. It also shields paint from acids that occur in leaves, tree sap, bug splatter, and bird droppings. The Shield creates a showroom shine and lasting durability up to 30 days. It is applied just prior to the final rinse to prevent dirt from being sealed in by the Carnauba wax. Non-acidic, non-caustic, phosphate free.

Double Foaming Deep Cleaning Polish

Red and yellow foaming deep cleaner that prepares surface for the application of paint guard and has a pleasant lemon scent. It deep cleans the pores of the paint by removing dirt, grime, and oxidation or dead paint. Non-acidic, non-caustic, phosphate free.

Free Vacuums

Simply press the “on” button and vacuum as much as you like. The cycle lasts four minutes and you can always restart by pressing the “on” button again. Some locations feature our central vacuuming system.

Spot Free Rinse

Final rinse is water that has been purified by reverse osmosis which is the same purification process as bottled water. Prime Shine makes the purified water on site. There is no need to wipe your car, most droplets dry without leaving spots.

High Power Hands Free Dry

Prime Shine uses 120 horse power air dryer to ensure your car is spotless. It is also hands free, which means there is no potential scratching or dirty towels.

Undercarriage Spray

There is a light pressure spray about three-foot wide under the vehicle. The spray removes grime and contaminants from under the vehicle.

Advanced Prime Shine Exterior Wash

This advanced wash is a high quality, all cloth exterior wash which only takes three minutes. The soaps and polishes are specifically formulated for Prime Shine. The equipment is designed and built specifically for Prime Shine and installed by our own internal service department. Water recycle technology uses up to 75% less water compared to home users. 95% of the water used is captured for potential re-use. 60% of water used to clean each vehicle is recycled. Online chemical wheel cleaning is included in all washes.

Tire Shine

Adding Tire Shine to any wash takes no extra time. Get a deep black shine while leaving tires looking wet, black, and glossy. A combination of polymers and high-molecular weight silicones provide a long-lasting high gloss shine.

All Weather Protect

All Weather Protect is an all surface, all weather protectant that is recommended all year long. This protective coating uses nanotechnology to bond to your vehicle and cure surface irregularities while providing protection and increased water repellency.